Note 4 – Financial income and expenses

Financial income

Interest income2057
Other financial income011
Financial income subsidiaries and associated companies00
Capital gains918
Total financial income2986

Financial expenses

Interest expenses11
Other financial expenses00
Capital losses2013
Capital losses2114

The company operates accounts in NOK, EUR, SEK, and USD. Balances in currency accounts are normally limited to the amounts required in connection with day-to-day operations. Prize transactions in games offered in cooperation with other regulated gaming companies (Vikinglotto and Eurojackpot) are conducted in EUR and mean that the company can at times hold large reserves of EUR.

In accordance with the company’s articles of association, surplus liquidity in excess of 2.5 per cent of the net gaming revenue in the preceding year is transferred each month to the company’s sight deposits with the Treasury in Norges Bank. The interest terms for these deposits follow the government’s sight deposit rate.

The company has no forward foreign exchange contracts.

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